Geoffroy Gersdorff returns to Carrefour Belgium

Surprising change of Management at Carrefour: Geoffroy Gersdorff returns from his headquarters in Massy after more than two years and will become Managing Director Belgium from Monday 4 July.

Geoffroy Gerdorff, who was previously director of Offre et Marchandise for the Carrefour Group, will be appointed Managing Director Belgium with effect from 4 July. The retailer said in a press release.

Gersdorff has been working for Carrefour (then GB) in various positions since 1997, both in Belgium and at Group level. Between 2011 and 2013, he was responsible for the house brands on an international level and then returned to Belgium where he managed the hypermarkets, among other things. From 2018 to 2020 he was secretary general.

Remarkably, he is the first Belgian to take over the company in our country: until now, that top position was reserved for French people. The task that awaits him is not small: Carrefour has so far had the greatest difficulty in realizing a necessary turnaround in Belgium.
“Full confidence”

Geoffroy Gersdorff will report to Laurent Vallée, who will become Executive Director Northern Europe from Monday. Until now, François Melchior de Polignac combined both functions.

“I have full confidence in Laurent Vallée’s experience and his knowledge of Carrefour gained over the past five years to lead the Northern Europe zone. I count on Geoffroy Gersdorff, who knows Carrefour Belgium and its various activities through and through, to lead the necessary recovery of our activities with energy and determination. I thank François Melchior de Polignac for his commitment to our transformation in the various positions he has held, and for his career within our group,” said CEO Alexandre Bompard.

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