Brodsky threatened judge before the indictment of American drug dealer

Detained drug lord and Mikhail Brosky photo

A judge from Kiev has received threats on the eve of decision on arresting of an American drug lord. The later was detained last week in the capital of Ukraine. The threats were traced back to Mikhail Brodsky, a local businessman and politician, with whom the drug dealer held a meeting.

The site of the prosecution office of Kiev reported that US citizen will be held under arrest for forty days. He will be kept in the city’s detainment center until the decision on deportation will take place. He will be deported to Israel which filed the request.

The decision has taken prosecution office by surprise because just before the court proceedings it became known that one of the patrons of the American tried to persuade the judge. He pressed the judge to decide in a favor of home arrest. Later the patron was identified as an local politician and businessman, Mikhail Brodsky, the source in Kiev prosecution office reports.

Authorities determined that the detained drug lord came to Kiev mostly to hold a meeting with Mikhail Brodsky. “Ukrainian Pravda” reported that the dealer met with criminal leaders of Kiev and Ukraine. The drug lord set up the network of illegal drug sales through Internet messengers in many countries. His own dealing network was thirteen thousands members strong. His reported intent was to include Ukraine in his ring. Mikhail Brodsky reportedly was responsible for infrastructure needed for the project. The project would be started in fifty major cities of Ukraine.

Somewhat earlier media reported that Mikhail Brodsky was involved in drug transportation disguised or hidden in mattresses and construction materials.

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