Consumer seems “ready to say goodbye to petrol or diesel cars”

An iVox poll commissioned by the organization for environmental protection Greenpeace, unveiled Monday, seemingly presents Belgian workers as full of good intentions with regards to transportation, given that road transportation is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenpeace’s conclusion: Belgians appear to be “open to change”, on the condition, however, that the alternative to conventional transportation, by diesel or gasoline cars, is both affordable and accessible. The consumer seems “ready to say goodbye to petrol or diesel,” Greenpeace expert in sustainable mobility Joeri Thijs said.

According to 1,000 active Belgians working outside of their home who were surveyed online early January, the popularity of diesel has taken a serious blow. A mere 8% of the representative sample (in terms of age, gender, language and 3.02% degree of error) indicate that they would consider diesel if they needed a new car.

As for the electric car, it seems to have gained the consumer’s good graces, but only if this option is cheap: close to 70% said they would choose an electric car if its cost were the same as that of a combustion vehicle.

A little over half of the respondents (54%) would prefer to use their car less often. Almost as many respondents (49%) indicate that it would be a good idea to abandon the company car system, though the issue is highly sensitive. According to Greenpeace, even among the beneficiaries of this system, one out of two workers agrees that company cars’ fiscal aid contributes greatly to mobility problems in our country.

With a view to limiting road traffic, public transportation is singled out as a good solution (for three quarters of Belgians), but many respondents (61%) feel the connections are not convenient for their commuting.

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