Port of Antwerp sounds the alarm

“Delay Brexit” says Belgium’s Port of Antwerp. Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO of the Port of Antwerp, has called for Britain’s departure from the EU to be postponed: “We need more time to prepare for the worst” he says.

Jacques Vandermeiren: “If no deal is reached before the end of March, we will be in uncharted territory and our businesses face chaos. It would be a good idea, if all parties received more time to prepare for the very worst. There are less than eighty days left.”

Mr Vandermeiren calls for Brexit to be delayed: “In this way the customs and the federal food safety agency get more time to recruit staff. Border checks require more staff. Businesses too have waited too long to take action.”

Mr Vandermeiren is no fan of a hard Brexit: “We need a transition period. Otherwise there will be no clarity with regard to tariffs, rules or checks.”

The UK is the Port of Antwerp’s forth biggest trading partner. 15 million of the 235 million tons shipped in and out of the port go to or come from the UK.

“Britain is a very important trading partner. The situation is getting very serious for companies that only trade with the UK.”

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