No goals, but plenty to talk about in Ghent

In a match in which the video referee played a crucial role AA Gent and RFC Antwerp shared the points. The result sees Antwerp move up to second place, just four points behind the league leaders KRC Genk.

Both teams produced some enjoyable football. Antwerp took command early on but AA Gent gradually redressed the balance. An effort by AA Gent’s Tsjakvetadze resulted in a great double save by the Antwerp keeper Bolat. The Buffaloes thought that they had scored. However, the match referee ruled that the ball had not crossed the line.

A the other end Bolingi found the back of the net. However, the goal was not given as Mbokani was just a fraction off-side by the VAR.

In the second half Bolingi found the back of the net for the second time. However, once again the VAR (correctly) adjudged the goal to be off-side by Baby.

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