Dutch manufacturing index shrinks a fraction

The average daily production of Dutch industry was 0.2 percent lower in July than in the same month last year. The fall in production is smaller than in the previous four months, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

Of the eight largest business classes within the industry, production of the electrical and electronic equipment industry grew by more than 11 percent. Production in the machinery, food and transport industries also grew. However, according to the statistics office, a small majority of business classes in industry had to cope with a decline in production.

To determine the short-term development of production, it is best to look at figures adjusted for seasonal and working day effects. From June to July 2019, production increased by 0.5 percent. The production adjusted for seasonal and working day effects fluctuates considerably. Decreases and increases follow each other quickly, according to the CBS. From mid-2014 to early 2018, there was an increasing trend in industrial production. After that the trend is slightly decreasing.

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