Rutte: No “yes” to Johnson’s Brexit plan

The government cannot say “yes” to the new plan by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a brexit. ,, There are many questions to ask. At the most, it provides a basis for talking, ”said Prime Minister Mark Rutte today. He also referred to the EU Brexit negotiator, the Frenchman Michel Barnier. “He is in conversation with the British.”

In Johnson’s compromise plan, the backstop, the scheme that ensures that no hard, physical border between Northern Ireland and EU Member State Ireland is created after the Brexit, is deleted. Johnson wants a zone with the same rules for all goods for the entire Irish island so that trade can proceed without checks. There was no enthusiastic response to this proposal in Brussels.

Rutte did not want to comment on the content of reports that Johnson would ask for the Brexit to be postponed if an agreement with Brussels was not reached quickly. He did refer to British legislation which entails the legal obligation to request a postponement if there is no Brexit deal before October 31. Rutte underlined that postponing the Netherlands is only possible if there is a prospect of a solution. “Postponement because of the postponement, I think nobody is there for that.”

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