Theresa May will be back in Brussels to discuss Brexit this week

On Sunday, the British Prime Minister Theresa May said she would be back in Brussels to discuss Brexit this week.

The draft Brexit deal she has negotiated with the European Union has been harshly criticised.

After what she herself described as a “difficult week”, Theresa May says the next seven days will be “crucial”. This week has seen several MPs defect from her government because of disagreements over the current proposed compromise. “More negotiations are underway and nothing is set in stone until that’s over and done with”, she said during an interview with Sky news.

After finalising a draft Brexit deal which was announced on Wednesday evening, the head of the British government will return to Brussels to discuss the “future relationship” between the United Kingdom and the European Union. She has said she will meet with the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

Damaged by the departures within her government, which included her Brexit minister, Theresa May is now facing the threat of a vote of no-confidence. The Brexit minister quit over the special way the British Province of Northern Ireland will be handled when the UK leaves the EU on the 29th of March 2019. The vote of no-confidence will be actioned if it is requested by 15% of the Tories in Parlaiment (48 MPs). “As far as I know, that figure hasn’t been reached”, the Prime Minister said. She said that a change in leader would “not make negotiations easier”. A group of five Eurosceptic ministers within her own government are trying to convince her to change her Brexit agreement, according to British newspapers.

The head of the main opposition party, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, said that his party would not vote for the deal if was presented to the British Parliament in December. He called on Theresa May to obtain “a permanent customs agreement with the EU” and to “guarantee people’s rights”.

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