European summit – American isolationism makes European unity more necessary

Donald Trump and the United States’ position on Iran and North Korea makes European unity “even more necessary”, Emmanuel Macron told the European Council in Brussels on Friday.

The French President spoke of his unanimous support from the 28. They are “fully committed to the Iranian nuclear agreement”, which Mr Trump recently criticised. On the 13th of October, the American President refused to “ratify” the agreement, which was drawn up back in 2015. He called for the agreement to be toughened up, and said the United States would withdraw if his demands weren’t met.

The French President said the progress made on European Defence over the last few months had been “accelerated” by the Trump administration’s isolationism. This especially applies to countries that up until now thought “an Atlanticist strategy could be an alternative to a protectionist Europe”. The 28 have agreed to go further with sharing military power and resources for research.

However, the French President also said “the US remains an essential partner and an ally in the fight against terrorism and in Defence, in Africa as well as the Middle-East”.

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