“There is a political crisis in Spain, not in Belgium,” says Charles Michel

Prime Minister Charles Michel repeated to the Parliament on Wednesday that he does not wish to interfere with court decisions concerning the impeached Catalan Government, and in particular Minister-President Carles Puigdemont, currently staying in Brussels.

There are diplomatic contacts with Spanish officials, and also at the European level, he added, evoking their discretion.

On Wednesday, the opposition denounced the attitude of the N-VA representatives, including Federal Government Ministers, who did not hesitate to support their Catalan allies — going as far as suggesting asylum — and even to throw doubt on the impartiality of Spanish justice, despite the Prime Minister’s appeals for restraint.

True, there had been a call for “discretion,” but it was not supposed to last forever; it was only a question of waiting for clarifications on Mr. Puigdemont’s visit to Brussels, who, just as any citizen, benefits from free circulation, with the implied rights and duties. Beyond that, only dialogue will allow for progress. “Dialogue, dialogue, political dialogue,” he said.

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