Trade Unions are worried about KPN involvement in Proximus

Belgian trade unions demand that telecom company Proximus breaks all contacts with top woman Dominique Leroy immediately, now that she has been nominated as KPN’s highest director. The unions fear that they will leave the Belgian telecom company in poor condition to “launch a telecom attack on Belgium from the Netherlands”.

The call is in an open letter to the chairman of the board of directors, Stefaan De Clerck. The unions have delivered the letter to the Proximus headquarters. In the background is a transformation plan that Leroy announced earlier this year. 1900 jobs will disappear, while 1250 new employees are hired.

The ACV trade union thinks the current information about the transformation plan is too vague. The fact that Leroy will make the switch to KPN in December proves, according to the union, that the transformation plans do not have the correct intentions. According to another union, ACOD, the upcoming departure of Leroy complicates negotiations on the reorganization.

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