EU imposes 880 million-euro fine upon Scania

The European Commission imposed a fine of €880 million upon the Swedish manufacturer, Scania, for its involvement in a cartel with six other lorry manufacturers.

This thus put an end to a 14-year investigation into the matter. Scania was the last of the manufacturers identified not to have received a fine. The delay, compared to other manufacturers, occurred as it was contesting the accusations of the European Competition Commission. It has been the most harshly punished after the German company Daimler. The latter had been required, by law, to pay a billion euros in July 2016.

The manufacturers had an agreement based upon price-fixing. They also agreed to delay the introduction of a new device measuring harmful emissions from lorries. The cartel was made up of DAF, Daimler, Iveco, Scania, Volvo, Renault Trucks and MAN.

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