Most clogged-up morning peak time of the year with 445 km of queues

Traffic jams reached peak levels on Tuesday morning at 8 a.m., with 445 km of queues on Belgium’s roads.

This is according to Touring Mobilis. This is something of a record since the beginning of 2017. The disruptions have been due to the rain, with almost some dozen accidents taking place on the main road networks in the country.

Touring Mobilis is indicating that the peak should now be over and queues are gradually reducing. The main disruptions were indicated in Flanders, with nearly 300 km of congestion at 8 a.m. This was reported by the Flemish centre for traffic (Vlaams Verkeerscentrum). The spokesman, Peter Bruyninckx, said, “There is gridlock virtually everywhere with increased waiting times.”

The organisation Touring says the last record for traffic jams was recorded on January 13th with 420 km of queues, mainly focused on Wallonia, following snowfalls. The next busiest was June 6th this year, with some 412 km of traffic jams. On that occasion, disruptions were caused by the rain and the heavy presence of traffic after a long weekend.

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