Shareholders of listed Belgian businesses get 6.3 billion euros

Listed Belgian businesses, excluding AB InBev, will give their shareholders a total of 6.3 billion euros, L’Echo and De Tijd reported on Saturday.

Family-run businesses will be particularly generous.

Listed Belgian businesses had a very good year in 2018: two thirds of them saw their turnover increase. Two thirds of the businesses that give their shareholders a coupon bonus will increase the value of that coupon after their General Meetings, which will take place soon. 24% of businesses decided not to change the bonus and 10% will decrease or abolish it.

Listed businesses give their shareholders an average of 4,3% gross as a coupon bonus. Recent results mean businesses could afford to be generous. With the debt rate at 49% and a distribution ratio of 50% (excluding AB InBev), most businesses seem to be doing very well indeed.

Family businesses have said they will be particularly generous. Coupons handed out by firms like Resilux, Lotus Bakeries, Texaf, VGP, Spadel, Sioen, Brederode or Miko will increase by 10% or more. The Moury family have announced they will distribute a “double-coupon” to celebrate construction firm Moury Construct’s 100-year anniversary. PET bottle producer Resilux will increase its coupon by 50%.

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