Charles Michel and Theresa May take “the same position” on IS fighters

Prime Minister Charles Michel and his British counterpart Theresa May will take “the same position” on returning IS fighters, they decided during a telephone conversation on Sunday.

On Saturday, American President Donald Trump called on European countries to take back around 800 IS fighters and put them on trial in their home countries. Justice minister Koen Geens called for a European solution on Sunday. He asked Charles Michel to take the initiative.

British Prime Minister Theresa May called Charles Michel on Sunday morning. Belgian and British advisors were due to rule on the issue in the hours following the phone-call. Mr Michel will also speak to his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte and the French President Emmanuel Macron over the next few days.

American President Donald Trump called on European countries, including Great Britain, France and Germany, to take back their nationals who are now jihadists in Syria and put them on trial. Donald Trump also announced he was withdrawing American troops from Syria, which angered his allies.

IS is on the brink of losing the last territory of its “caliphate”, as it is under siege by the Arab-Kurdish alliance and the international coalition led by the United States.

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