Minister Jambon thinks all the riots in Brussels are linked

There is a system behind the various riots that have happened in Brussels recently, says Home Affairs Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA).

Young people are gate-crashing to create havoc, he said when appearing on the De Zevende Dag program on VRT on Sunday.

First there was the riot near the Stock Exchange on the evening Morocco qualified for the next football World Cup. These were followed by riots on place de la Monnaie, after a demonstration initiated by a youtuber. Then there were the riots on avenue Louise on Saturday. Jan Jambon said the investigation will look into whether the three events are linked, but he himself thinks the same system is behind them all.

The Minister can only guess that people have sudden waves of violence. “I think there is one system behind it all. It has to be unmasked and taken down”, he said.

The N-VA Vice-Prime Minister does not believe that the organisers of the demonstration preceding the avenue Louise violence are the ones behind it. “They were as upset as everyone else”. Jan Jambon thinks it is more likely to be young people with immigrant backgrounds that gate-crashed the event.

The police were well prepared for this kind of incident as they were already present to keep an eye on the demonstration, Mr Jambon said. He thinks the unit command procedures worked well, as well.

A technology to scrutinise social networks is being created and will be operational before the end of the year, he added. It was decided this technology would be used to help the fight against terrorism.

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