Vestager plans a second wave of action against digital monopolies

In her second term as EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager is bracing for a second wave of anti-trust measures against US digital monopolies, beginning with chipmaker Broadcom, the Financial Times report.

Emboldened by her authority as vice-president of the commission, Vestager plans to force the chipmaker to cease alleged anti-competitive practices even before a full probe ends, calling for “interim measures,” on grounds of ongoing “irreparable harm to competition.”

This is the first time this measure has been used since 2001. Broadcom is expected to appeal the ruling at the European Court of Justice. However, if the measure is upheld, it will set a precedent that can be used against Amazon, Google and Facebook.

Vestager has already fined Google more than €8bn in three different occasions. President Donald Trump has referred to Vestager as “perhaps worse than any person I’ve ever met,” accusing her of signalling out US companies.

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