Brussels’ prawn croquette finalists have been Demonstrated

Since early June, organizations attempting to participate in the 20-19 edition of their Brussels’ best prawn croquettes competition have been able to publish their entries. The closing date for admissions was yesterday. We know that the 14 candidates are those who’re trying their luck this past year.

On 22 October 2018, organised the first”best Brussels’ prawn croquettes contest”. The overall winner has been that the Fernand Obb Delicatessen.

To participate in the contest, candidates had to meet the following criteria: possess a company, a cafeteria, a bar or food-truck which will be actively in use and located within the Brussels-Capital region and supply homemade prawn croquettes à la-carte.

The judging panel, that is made up of food journalists, use a grid to establish a grading system for the produce that they taste. Points will be awarded following a few criteria, including pinch, taste and grade of the prawns.

Your contest will occur in front of the people in 2013, on Saturday 7 September, during the BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX festival. Members of the public will even be encouraged to get involved in the judging panel.

The winner of the season’s contest should have the ability to utilize the name of”best prawn croquettes in Brussels” for annually following the outcome are announced.

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