Worker found Belgian treasures in an abandoned house

Workers destroying an empty house in the West of France were surprised with their lives when they discovered a treasure of Belgian gold coins of the 1870s. The 600 gold coins displaying the head of King Leopold II had been hidden in a lead shell case. Their worth today is estimated at 100,000 euros.

It was in Pont-Aven in Brittany that the labourers found the treasure trove. First they encountered the shell case. Upon shaking it they noticed there was still something inside. When they opened the case they found 600 gold coins with a face value of 20 Belgian francs. French state police were called in and they put a seal on the find.

The proprietor wasn’t particularly surprised by the find as his grandfather had been a coin collector. Under French law the labourers receive half the value of the find, while the other half goes to the owner of the land. The police get nothing as they were only doing their job!

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